On-Line Credit Card Lessons, Quizzes and Final Exam

Until now, “The ABCs of Credit Card Finance” has been provided to teachers and students in print format. The core program consists of a student primer, Trainer’s Guide and PowerPoint Presentation (all of which are provided in PDF format on this website). Program materials were offered without cost, and the curriculum was taught in classrooms across America. Now, the program has been converted to one that is animated and interactive and one that can be taken independently by students on-line. The content includes all of the lessons found in the printed materials.

Students who take the new on-line version of “The ABCs of Credit Card Finance” will take a series of quizzes as they move through the program. The quizzes that follow the various lessons are meant to assist with the learning process so that students will know, before getting to the end of the curriculum, whether or not they understand the content. If they are dissatisfied with their performance on a quiz, they are able to review the material and retake the quiz until they are satisfied that they’ve mastered the lesson. A Final Test will be taken at the conclusion of the curriculum. A feedback feature is provided with the on-line program so that students can demonstrate to their teacher that their assignment was fulfilled. By providing their teacher’s email address, notice will be sent to their instructor that they completed the curriculum along with the grade achieved on the final exam.