Essential Fact For Students

Traditionally, students have become acquainted with credit cards through trial-and-error learning. This is an effective training tool, especially over the course of time, but it is a teaching method that can result in very serious negative consequences for young adults as they make costly mistakes during the educational process. “The ABCs of Credit Card Finance” offers an alternative way to learn about credit. The program provides students with the information they need so that they are able to make sound decisions about credit from the start, so that they don’t have to resort to trial-and-error learning or getting a credit card and “winging it.” Students who, from the beginning, understand how to wisely choose and responsibly use a credit card and who understand the costs of credit are far more likely to enjoy the many advantages of credit while avoiding the pitfalls.

With these online lessons, learn about:

  • Interest rates: fixed vs. variable
  • How to calculate interest
  • The importance of always making more than the minimum monthly payment
  • The importance of always paying your bills on time
  • Late fees
  • Over-credit-limit fees
  • Penalty rates
  • Promotional offers
  • Payment allocation
  • The consequences of paying late, going over a credit limit or bouncing a check
  • Responsible credit card behaviors